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About Us

Helping Homeschoolers Since 2002

With over 30 years teaching experience and 20 years of homeschool experience, Marguerite Gaspar is dedicated to serving homeschool families throughout California

Marguerite Gaspar, M.S. 

California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Supplementary Authorization, General Science

Reading Specialist Certification

Founder & Director

Marguerite Gaspar is the founder and director of

the Talega Preparatory and  Athletes 1st Academies.

She has homeschooled her three children, has been a California-credentialed middle school math and science teacher since 1991, and has been supporting homeschoolers through her academies since 2002.

Marguerite Gaspar, Director

Jennifer homeschooled her three children from kindergarten through high school which led them to earn college degrees in math and computer science.

Jennifer Schmit, B.S.

Mathematics, Statistics

CHN Local Contact

Homeschool Veteran, Blogger, Tutor 

Jennifer is the Co-Founder of Talega Prep and serves as our homeschool advisor to families seeking additional guidance in curriculum planning and design. Jennifer has tutored students in all subject areas, with expertise in higher-level math and statistics.


Jennifer homeschooled her three children for over 20 years, served for over a decade as a CHN local support representative, continues to work with us as a consultant, and has worked as a statistician for the Department of Defense and in consumer marketing.   

Jennifer Schmit, Advisor

The Talega Preparatory Academy opened in 2002 as a PSP umbrella school to support local homeschool groups.

The Athletes 1st Academy was opened to serve the many elite athletes who reached out to us seeking help to reclass. 

A1A's primary purpose is to help student-athletes repeat 8th grade with a Gap Year. For over a decade, we have been streamlining the Gap Year process to simplify the transition from middle school,  to Gap Year, and on to high school.


A1A was created to make the Gap Year affordable and easy to manage for student-athletes who need

a flexible schedule that accommodates training, practice, and competition.

Like all our services, Talega Prep's and A1A's programs serve families coast to coast where local laws permit.

Meet our EFs & Tutors








            Laura Fries, EF







          Andrew Hodge,  EF






       Christy - Math Tutor







   Sheila - Math & Science








       Mr.  Sanchez - Tutor

Hello! My name is Laura Fries. I earned a BA in English at The University of Florida, and I have been a full-time teacher for 29 years. I have tutored outside the classroom during my entire career. I've also led many seminars and small group sessions on motivation, organization, and study skills. I love all things Language Arts: Literature, Writing, Analysis, etc... I can't say that I love Grammar, but I am able to help with this, as well! Being proficient at all kinds of writing is crucial to academic success, and I especially love working with students in this area. 


I have lived in Florida my entire life and I enjoy the beach, reading, cooking, traveling, and time with family. I have one grown daughter who is a professional photographer. I look forward to helping your child succeed in English! Contact me here to schedule a session.

Hello! My name is Andrew Hodge. I hold a BA and an MA in Linguistics. Besides tutoring, I currently serve as a biblical language instructor for the Blue Ridge Institute for Theological Education. Whether you are struggling or thriving, consider working with me in language arts, writing, literature, or any other humanities-based subjects. I have personally appreciated the differences that a good tutor can make in one's academic success and I hope to make a difference in yours too.


I live in Charlottesville, VA with my wife and two daughters. I enjoy literature and languages, the Bible, hiking, and juggling. Contact me here to schedule a session.

Hello! My name is Christy and I love helping students understand Math!


I have a 4-year bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Clayton State University. I am a certified Tutor and have tutored at all levels of Mathematics in Elementary, Middle and High School level courses. I have been tutoring Math for nearly 15 years. From basic Elementary Math to upper college level Mathematics, such as Calculus and beyond, there is not a Math that I could not help a student understand.


I live in Huntsville, AL with my wonderful husband and 2 kids. I love spending time with my family as well as traveling, reading and DIY projects. I am looking forward to meeting your student and helping them build their confidence in Math! Contact me here to schedule a session.

Hi! I'm Mr. Sanchez. I'm a mathematician and  classical jazz pianist. I tutor in both Spanish and English. Math, music, and Spanish are my specialties. I've been teaching, tutoring K-12, and performing for more than ten years in the US, Canada, and México. I'm a Fulbright scholar with a master's in jazz and a double major in mathematics and classical piano. I also love Computer Science.


I believe that everyone can learn any skill or topic with a clever approach, some guidance, and a lot of practice.  I work to understand every student's strengths and adapt, as a teacher and guide, to their needs and way of understanding the world. Contact me here to schedule a session.

Christy Profile Picture.jpg
Meet our tutors
Sheila profile.jpg

Hello! I’m Sheila, and I have a passion for helping kids discover the love of learning especially for math!


I tutor science and math courses from middle school to precalculus. I have a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from UAB and have taught many different math and science courses. 

My specialty is helping kids who have traditionally struggled with math find their inner math genius. 


I have homeschooled my four children and love spending time with my family going on adventures to the beach, the mountains or wherever life takes us. Contact me here to schedule a session.

Personalized consultations are available at the rate of $95/hr, via Zoom.

Visit for more information about the

Talega Preparatory Academies

and our services to K-12 homeschoolers nationwide.

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